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The Choice to Keep Going...;

Hey Hey Hey! Omgee! Where have 5 months of 2023 gone?!?!? This year is surely flying by! I read this quote somewhere recently, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans". When I read that I instantly busted out laughing (I was crying too, it was a whole scene) because that literally has been the theme for my 2023 so far. I made the plans, God laughed. This month I made the plans, and it seemed that God didn't just laugh, he was like 'Nah Sis, that’s not happening!" I swear I even heard the buzzer noise on a few occasions…. UUURRRRR!!! (Yep, that’s my buzzer noise) Try Again! I said to my niece just tonight, I think we have...

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What Does Moving Forward Look Like??

Who the heck knows! For everyone moving forward looks different, and that is something we all need to understand and accept.  During a ridiculous social media binge today I noticed there were a lot of posts focused on instructing others on what love looks like, how to feel about a situation, when to leave a situation blah blah blah. Honestly who are any of us to tell someone what to do or how to feel? None of us have walked the exact same path in life. We were all raised differently; even siblings in the same household have a different version of their childhood. Sometimes a person’s advice can perpetuate the hurt you feel or justify the anger you feel...

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What's the Happs!

Hey Peeps! Things have really begun to taken off in the last few months and I am enjoying every moment of this journey. With that being said, I decided that I will add a Calendar for everyone to keep up with what's going on with Butterfly Crochet & Crafts. November begins with the celebration of the 'official' anniversary. I use quotations because y'all know i have been at this since 2017 but things became official on November 1, 2019. I am kicking November off with a bang!! I hope everyone is subscribed to the mailing list cause there will be a giveaway for the subscribers to my mailing list only. To those who haven't subscribed as yet, y'all better get on...

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