... And The Journey Begins!

Hey Hey Hey!
My name is Shaneeka Hollis aka Your Crafty Acegirl! I started Butterfly Crochet & Crafts in 2017 (then it was called Butterfly Crochet 17) while recovering from a life altering kidney transplant surgery. During the recovery process (Watching YouTube tutorials and shopping with Amazon Prime Now), I discovered that I had a natural gift for crocheting.
When I woke up from the transplant surgery, I excitedly shared with the recovery team that my new kidney is name Butterfly, which represents the transition of life for the donor which then 'morphed' into the transition of my life. As this period of transitions is what navigated me to forge this new path of being an entrepreneur, I knew that Butterfly had to be a part of my business name. I want to always honor and remember the beautiful soul and their family who chose to donate organs to save lives. 

I specialize in crochet clothing, accessories, toys, especially custom designed crochet merchandise. In 2020, I was presented the unique opportunity to grow my business to include designing custom drink-ware and other resin art merchandise. I love to craft and enjoy bringing my client’s vision to reality. I am not afraid to be challenged to try something new, each challenge provides the room to grow and perfect my craft. 



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