What Does Moving Forward Look Like??

Who the heck knows!

For everyone moving forward looks different, and that is something we all need to understand and accept.  During a ridiculous social media binge today I noticed there were a lot of posts focused on instructing others on what love looks like, how to feel about a situation, when to leave a situation blah blah blah. Honestly who are any of us to tell someone what to do or how to feel? None of us have walked the exact same path in life. We were all raised differently; even siblings in the same household have a different version of their childhood. Sometimes a person’s advice can perpetuate the hurt you feel or justify the anger you feel and that’s not good. We are all seeking validation that what feel or what we think is correct when what we should be doing is allowing God (the Universe or other spiritual being, whatever you believe) to present you with the guidance you seek. It’s hard to hear these messages over the loud and toxic crap that social media is spewing. Very few are genuinely authentic. Let’s be honest, we don’t post for no one to see it, we want a like, or a share or a view. And for some stupid reason that that gives us some form of validation, so we continue. Honestly, it’s all become extremely BORING! BTW, that is not what I am doing here. I am sharing my story because I can, and I want to. I have always found writing therapeutic and decided I should share it on my website for whoever wants to read. This is my story, my life, my hurt, my tears, and my joy. This is my perception and not an instruction manual. What I am writing is advise to myself. The prompted journal I designed was for me. I had 4/5 different journals and decided to combine them into 1 (honestly all the different books were becoming just a tad bit too much and were not easily mobile).

Moving forward may be as simple as getting out of bed, taking a shower, and propping the pillow up in your bed and climbing back in to write. That’s me today! Heck, it may even just be getting out of bed and taking a shower. And here’s the absolute best part of moving forward, I don’t care what you do. All I care about is that whatever you have chosen to do is that one thing that makes you feel just a little bit better. That one thing that makes you smile, the one thing that brings you peace. We must Celebrate the small wins like you just hit the freaking jackpot. Pat yourself on the back. Smile at yourself or give yourself a high five in the mirror. Always remind yourself just how proud you are of you. Ain’t nobody going to celebrate you better than you.  

Loved ones; please do not try to race healing. Do not try to define someone else’s healing. Your only job is to support. If they are celebrating a win with you, you cheer with them. If they are clapping you clap too. Support is not hard. Support is the most self-less thing someone can do for another person. You remove all your expectations, thoughts of self, and just be whatever the person needs. Support for someone else has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t need your understanding or justification. It’s listening without speaking. It’s cheering without judgement. It’s not requiring explanations or for you to be the problem solver. Just be whatever the person needs. We all go through situations where we just need support. We don’t need the lecture, or the advice, or the opinion, or the fixer, we need a presence. A shoulder. Someone to switch on the music for the dance celebration. Someone to high five. Someone to be there without conditions.

We must celebrate every moment. Yes, Life is a damn roller coaster of emotions and yes when we are flying high, there are those stupid negative roaches (yes, I’m using the creature I despise the most to describe them) who want nothing more than to infect us with their mess. And yes, we fall victim to these creatures. THERE IS NOTHING WORNG WITH THAT. Sometimes the ‘roach’ is our own negative thoughts about ourselves (I am most definitely guilty of this). We can be our worst critics. Ugghhhh, just the thought of these creatures living in my thoughts is creeping me out. I need my Home Defense of positivity. When we make the choice to not stay there and do the brave thing, the courageous thing and move forward, we must, and I mean we must freaking celebrate! Be like Meredith and Christina and dance it out! Put on whatever your favorite hype song is, turn it up and dance and sing like there is no tomorrow because life is that precious and fragile that tomorrow never really comes. Oh Snap! Did I just hit you with some real ish! Tomorrow always, let me say that a little louder for those sceptics in the back, TOMORROW ALWAYS BECOMES TODAY!


Stay Awesome! Stay Beautiful! Stay Blessed! & Stay Safe!

Love S.

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